Gorgeous, Expressive Landscape Paintings by Sarah Jane Brown

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Working primarily in oils, Sarah Jane Brown creates stunning, multi-colored landscapes that offer more than just a snapshot of a particular place and time.

Take a moment to explore each of her landscapes and seascapes below, and you’ll see what I mean—each one conveys a particular emotion, or feeling, that breathes a sense of real life into the scene:

Multi-colored landscape painting by Sarah Jane Brown

Sarah achieves this emotional connection by starting with a number of quick sketches and studies, in order to absorb the individual feel of a particular location.  Then, she incorporates a variety of mark-making techniques, ensuring that the final work of art is full of life and movement.

She explains, “My style is expressive and combines a variety of methods; staining, glazing and blending in many layers, gradually building up thickness and texture. Paint is applied with brushes, knives, rags and sometimes fingers. It is painted, scraped, flicked, spattered and even poured on, until the finished painting emerges.”

Ocean wave painting

In fact, I’d say the common thread in all of Sarah’s work is that sense of living movement. From a cresting ocean wave buffeted by a choppy offshore wind, to a summer field sending up heat waves in the muggy evening light, every painting moves and breathes—full of color, texture, and life.

Summer field painting

To see more of Sarah Jane Brown’s gorgeous landscapes, please take a moment to visit her website at sjbfineart.com.


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